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Georgia studied osteopathic medicine at Southern Cross University. Originally from the blue mountains, she found her love for osteopathy during her high school years when she was left with a lower back injury causing havoc in her life. She couldn’t believe her eyes when her pain finally began to subside and she was able to return back to full strength to the sports she loved.

She pledged from then that she would become an osteopath and help others to take control of their pain and help to improve their quality of life. Helping them to get back to things that they love.

Georgia treats with a holistic focus taking into consideration all aspects of health. She incorporates a broad range of techniques to facilitate the recovery of patients with acute injuries to those with more persistent chronic pain. These techniques include; massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint articulation, joint manipulation and exercise rehabilitation.

You’ll always find Georgia with a smile on her face either out on the rugby field, in the gym or at Brazilian Ju Jitsu!

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