Once upon a time there was an Osteo and a Physio. The two met and realized that they weren’t so different after all. They both used their hands to help people, with the goal of treating people through movement. From there the two started putting their heads together and combining their skills. As the family grew new skills and backgrounds were added. From Chiropractors, Exercise Physiologists, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths and of cause our Admin team. The Bounce Back family continues to grow and houses the best advice, guidance and treatment in the land!

We know the world we live in is complicated. We have so much information coming our way from various sources. This leads to a lot of confusion, that can often lead you down the wrong path. You don’t have the time to be in pain or not doing the things you need or love to do. At Bounce Back we understand this and do things a little differently to what you might be used to from your ‘Standard’ Physio, Osteo or Chiro. We have broken down these stereotypes all in an effort to get you back to being you (or a better version of you!).

We have taken the confusion out of the question ‘who should I see, a Chiro, Osteo or Physio?’ We do this by having all the services ‘under the one roof’ working together as a team with the common goal, being YOU. We treat under our overriding Bounce Back principle, being Movement. Whether it be with our hands on treatment, exercise prescription, education or assessment, we cure with Movement. We all train, work and even ‘play’ together. We exchange information and ideas on how we can get our patients the best results. Our ‘Musculoskeletal Therapists’, whether it be a Physio, Chiro or Osteo are all evidence based, hands on and patient focused. Once you’re moving better and out of pain, our Exercise Physiologist’s will keep you that way for the long term. Our Massage Therapists can then give you that little top up you might need, to keep you doing more. Our promise, we will all spend time with you one on one to make sure you get the best treatment available.

So if you’re being held back by that ‘bad knee, back or neck,’ or you’re finding it hard to run, squat, walk or even simply sit, we’re here for you and your family. The next step is yours and it’s the best step you will take. Call our friendly reception staff to find out more and get moving in the right direction.

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